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Is it Tolerance or Self-induced Ignorance?

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This is the first post in my new blog category Claudia’s Commentaries. As described, it will be opinions and observances from a not so naive art and internet junkie — myself. I hope to inspire you with this column; spark thoughts, flames and positive maneuvers in you and your spirit.

This section is not for the faint of heart or mind, nor is it to slander any entity, but only to post onto my blog my observances of life in real-time. Legal? I think so! Andy Rooney even got paid to do this.

As always, your comments and your own opinions of my posts are welcomed and looked forward to. Let’s discuss these fierce topics together! :)

Tolerance is a strapping talking point to start with. This word has been in the top headlines for years now. Whether it is referring to illegal aliens, religion, spousal preference or any of another sundry top-news topics, you can’t help but hear and read about it about as often as we do the overused or newly coined terms such as “awesome” and “widget”.

Thus finally, I have quit tolerating the tolerant anymore because, after being forced to study this term in action over the last several years, I now realize that those who preach tolerance are in actuality suffering from a commonly known brain disorder called Ignorance — also known as the “Head in the Sand Syndrome”.

Tolerance is an extremely vague yet convenient word for many to use, particularly politicians, corporations, or any other character who needs to ensure they have the backing of the masses. They are sure to tolerate — a.k.a. “sweep under the rug” — any illegal, offensive or outright irrational behavior of the offenders to ensure they themselves are agreeable to their voters, users, shareholders, whoever it needs to be for their own advancement or success.

Claiming to be tolerant, wards off the need for confrontation, action, or simply
standing up for real rights.

We are told by someone??? (whoever that may be, an ancient Mayan simpleton I am presuming) to, “just let people be who they are — don’t tell folks what to do, do you like being told? — give ‘em a break, they’re only human”. Human, hmmm… that’s where the real problem starts.  Well “someone” — no — I won’t do these things, not when it directly interferes with another being’s rights or lives, including mine.

We all have sinful habits and putrid obsessions, after all, we’re only humans. But, that does not mean any one of us has the right to impose them onto others either bluntly and publicly, or cunningly in the background. And entities who are foolish enough to “tolerate” these impositions, let alone think we actually enjoy them, should themselves not be tolerated by anyone.

It IS our right and our duty, as human beings, to stand up for ourselves and for those who cannot stand up for themselvcs, especially children. Think this is not true? Next time someone spits in your face, see how well you tolerate that. That is the problem right there — unbeknownst to most. They are being “spit on” every day of their lives thanks to this media culture we are enveloped in: television commercials, radio personalities, internet social media sites, the list goes on.

So go ahead public exploiters, if you want to pick your nose, great, go ahead! Just don’t smear your contents on me, or in my space — leave the world in peace also. Stay out of my TV set, off of my radio, out of my internet and email, and in your own closet if need be. Sometimes that really IS the best place to conduct some behaviors “humans” simply cannot control.

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