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Some Days are Just Weird…

don’tcha’ think? Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day outside for December 2. It was incredible — sunshine, no wind, 64 degrees! These are the days I don’t miss my east coast home, and savor, with this type of temp in December. I want more! Give me more! LOL!

So the day’s weirdness began, well, from the start. I woke up a bit late needless to say probably, and for some “strange reason” my son did too. Getting up late always ruffles my feathers and probably is what set the mood for the day. Although, we did get ourselves out the door in the a.m. just fine regardless.

He got to school on time, and my snapshot of errands, or so I thought would be, commenced.

While running around town, I for some “strange reason” got in the wrong lane of traffic and had to turn around and back track to get where I needed to go and got to my first stop late — oil change turned into nearly double the regular bill, plus an order to go get new tires ughhhhh. Oh, and the repair place said my vehicle is leaking oil for some “strange reason – from somewhere”!?!?!? :(

Did a bit of shopping next at a busy store and I had to pick the self-serve aisle that had the only non-working station, so a crazy guard/employee/something??? tried to help me out – that was interesting and weird.

Then, I went to pick up some cable equipment I had on order, they told me the order was cancelled for some “strange reason” — two minutes into a 30+ errand.

Probably should have just headed home at that point in time. But I had a couple more to go, so I made it through one store smoothly, no weirdness per se anyway – LOL!

Finally, I went to pick up a few items at a nearby superstore and a customer in line in front of me ran a card she didn’t want to use and got flustered because the checker processed the payment — then the checker started arguing back at the customer about how she did hate her personally and ran the card on purpose — you guessed it yup — for some “strange reason”!?!?!? My turn with the checker, and I swear, if she wasn’t on ‘ludes then she was certainly on something, ’cause she was talking slow and asking me weird questions for some “strange reason”!?!?!?

So my 2 hours of errands turned into nearly 4 1/2 for some “strange reason”!?!?!? But with all that weirdness going on, I saw no need to get angry or flustered myself. I simply went with the flow and survived. Found it all a bit entertaining actually.

It was still a beautiful day, I came home and ate my lunch outside. Since I missed most of the workday getting caught up in zany circumstances all morning, I figured I’d just continue the flow of zero productivity and relax for a few. Good thing! Today’s temp dropped by about 50 degrees and right now it’s actually 13 out and snowing. No more 64 degrees and sunny here for a while!

Thank God for weirdness! :)



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